SESKO is the national electro-technical standardization organization in Finland. According to its constitution SESKO participates in international (IEC) and European (CENELEC) electro-technical cooperation as the Finnish representative. SESKO’s duty is to care for the implementation of international standards in Finland. SESKO is also involved in several certifying systems.

SESKO offers services to the Finnish society in electro-technical standardization and fulfills the needs of its stakeholders.



SESKO is represented by the business-life and non-profit associations, authorities and research and testing organizations. SESKO Board has ten members and they are elected from SESKO’s members by the meeting of the association every three years.
SESKO is a member of SFS (The Finnish Standards Association) and one of its standards-writing bodies.

SESKO set up standardization committees and follow-up groups for participation of international standardization work and for the preparation of SFS standards. There are 46 national mirror committees and more than 90 follow-up groups, which have about 500 technical experts. For the co-ordination of the committees and follow-up groups, work is taken care of by the SESKO office.


Electro-technical standards

Nowadays there are over 6000 electrotechnical IEC standards and over 6000 CENELEC standards (EN/HD). There are also about 4000 SFS standards, of which about 600 are published in Finnish. SESKO has a major role in the adoption of EN and IEC standards. SESKO provides IEC and CENELEC standards, whereas SFS standards are sold by the Finnish Standards Association (SFS).

Electrotechnical standards are prepared by complying with following principles:

Paraller procedures of IEC-,EN- and SFS-standards

Preparation of EN and SFS standards

Preparation of SFS-standards (without European origin)


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