SESKO consists of 20 Member Communities representing the business life and non-profit associations, authorities as well as research and testing organizations. SESKO’s Board has ten members elected among SESKO’s member communities.

SESKO sets up Standardization Committees and follow-up groups for participation in international standardization and for the preparation of SFS standards. The work of the committees and follow-up groups is coordinated by SESKO’s office. Currently, there are 42 national mirror committees and more than 100 follow-up groups involving approximately 500 technical experts.

President of SESKO

Mr. Kenneth Hänninen
tel. +358 9 5305 2501

Managing Director of SESKO

Mrs. Sinikka Hieta-Wilkman, SESKO
tel. +358 9 696 3951
gsm +358 40 502 8949

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