Standardizing Solar Photovoltaic Energy

The status and future of the standardization of solar photovoltaic energy was discussed in a seminar on 20th of September 2016. The experts in the seminar were Arto Sirviö and Juha Vesa from SESKO, Atte Kallio from HELEN and Jero Ahola from Lappeenranta University of Technology.

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IEC Young Professionals workshop in Frankfurt

This year SESKO chose Lauri Holopainen, a student at Metropolia, and Riikka Liedes, a technical specialist at The Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland STUL, to attend the Young Professionals workshop organised alongside the IEC General Meeting.

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Functional Safety for the Process Industry Sector

IEC has published a new edition of the standard series IEC 61511 Functional safety - Safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector. As soon as CENELEC publishes the corresponding European EN standards, the standards will also be published in Finnish.

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Electrical Consulting Engineers 50th Anniversary

The SESKO member community Electrical Consulting Engineers NSS celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Old Student House in Helsinki on 14.10.2016

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Standardization of Electrical Energy Storage Systems of Interest

The electrical energy storage systems are used for example to level out the peak load, work as energy storage when the network is disrupted and improve the quality of electricity. There are plenty of ongoing development projects on direct current distribution in the world and due to this the role of the energy storage is also growing significantly.

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Standards Build Trust

Happy Standards day. The World Standards Day is celebrated every year on 14.10. and this year’s theme is trust.

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