IEC and CENELEC drafts open for commenting or voting

These tables contain lists of currently open IEC and CENELEC enquiries and votes. The lists are updated about once a week, and the date of the latest update is mentioned at the top of the list.

The office of SESKO takes care of voting and sending the comments to IEC and CENELEC. The contact persons are mentioned in the list.

 is a list of proposed new standardization work items. If you are interested in following the development of a particular proposal or if you would like to participate and influence a future IEC standard and thereby also an EN standard, please contact the SESKO contact person, who will give you further information about joining an IEC working group or a national follow-up group.

 is a list of all IEC working documents, which IEC is asking national committees to for comment and/or vote on. Further information on the contents can be found on the page "IEC info".

CENELEC enquiries and votes  is a list of all CENELEC standard drafts circulated for official public enquiry or vote. Some of these drafts are simultaneously being commented or voted on at the IEC side. In these cases the comments are mainly sent to IEC. Further information on the list can be found on a separate guide page "CENELEC info".

SESKO enquiries

The monthly list of enquiries contains a listing of the national, European and international standard drafts that have been submitted to national enquiry.

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